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Below are our answers to some common questions. If you can not find the answers you are looking for below, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Do I need a Referral to see a Women’s Health physiotherapist?

No referral is necessary. However, if you have seen a GP and they recommend that you see a Women’s Health physiotherapist, a referral is helpful so that we have as much information as possible about your condition.

Do I need to bring anything to my appointment?

It is a good idea to have a list of your medications and any aids you may already be using to assist with bowel or bladder problems. If you are with a private health fund bring your card with you so you can claim straight away

How long is an appointment?

Pelvic floor conditions – An initial appointment is 60 minutes and follow up appointments 30 minutes. You may have a longer follow up appointment at your request.
Pregnancy related pain – Initial appointment is 30 minutes and subsequent appointments are 30 minutes also

What fees do you charge?

Pelvic Floor conditions: $95 initial appointment, $75 follow-up
Pregnancy related pain: $75 initial appointment, $65 follow-up

Will I need to have a physical examination?

Yes, a physical examination is often required as part of the assessment and treatment of your condition. We will always discuss the physical exam with you and obtain your consent prior to any assessment. It is recommended that you have a physical examination so we can obtain as much information as possible from the assessment to assist with the implementation of a treatment plan, however, if you do not want one for any reason we will respect this decision.

What is the pelvic floor?

The pelvic floor is made up of layers of muscle and other tissue. This forms a sling or hammock which stretches from your pubic bone at the front to the tailbone at the back. This hammock is essential for the support of your pelvic organs, for normal bladder and bowel function, for sex and for postural support of your pelvis and spine. When the muscles of the pelvic floor contract they tighten, or close, the openings in your pelvis (urethra, vagina and anus). This is important in maintaining continence and enhancing sensation during intercourse.

Can I receive a Medicare rebate for my appointment?

If you have a chronic condition such as ongoing bladder leakage, you may be eligible for an Enhanced Primary Care program. This will enable you to access a Medicare rebate for up to 5 of your appointments in a given calendar year. A GP referral and accompanying paperwork will be necessary for you to receive this rebat

Can I receive a rebate from my Health Fund for women’s health physiotherapy?

If you have extras cover with your Private Health provider, you will receive at least a partial refund from your Health Fund immediately on payment through our HICAPS terminal. The amount refunded will depend on your provider and your level of cover. It is likely that you will need to pay a gap to cover the full cost of the appointment.

Will the information that I discuss with the physiotherapist be confidential?

Yes. All pelvic floor conditions are treated in a private room and appointments are completely confidential.

Can I bring my child with me to my appointment?

Yes, you are welcome to bring your child with you to your appointment. Our toy box is a little limited because of room, so it might help to bring something to help keep them occupied during your appointment.

Can I bring a family member or friend to my appointment for support?

Yes, you are welcome to bring someone with you to your appointment.